WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD... IF you had the chance to go to school AND didn't need to work to help your parents earn a salary, IF you had somebody driving you safely to school and back, IF you were served three meals per day at home, had access to running water and wore nice and clean clothes, IF you could get frequent medical and dental checkups, IF you had toys to play with and received pocket money to buy whatever you wanted.

IF, TODAY, you have the luxury to live in your own place, you own a smartphone, you wear brand clothes, you earn a salary or can afford to go to a restaurant from time to time, you should realize how lucky you are! Maybe you can make a small donation for kids who didn't have your chance, or at least share this post. It won't pollute your wall, it will make a difference in children's lives.

I met these kids in Cambodia last year, they are so loving and affectionate and wear such a beautiful and innocent smile. I played with them and served them food, I also went with them for their visit at the doctor and took them back home. They are fortunate that FFCC exists. It is the NGO that allows them to have access to education and healthcare, and to live a normal kid's life instead of having to collect plastic from the city’s dump for their parents to resell it. They still do that on weekends when they come back to their town. But at least, they have something to look forward to at the end of the week.

Help me collect some money for FFCC to continue the great job they're doing. If you want to learn more about the organization, visit their Facebook page ‘FFCC Cambodia or website at www.site-ffcc.org. Check them out on Twitter and Instagram too! 100% of the money collected will go toward these kids' education, healthcare and well-being.

Thanks for your good deed :)  FFCC will release a video from the children at the end of the fundraise.

And please spread the word and show your support, wherever you're from!!

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